SPARK was designed to cater to the romantic individual as an avenue to
improve or enhance relationships.  The concept was developed during couples
education/performances.  Our goal is to allow our clients full participation in
the creation of a romantic/memorable event while minimizing the time  for

Test events have been created and orchestrated for the members of SPARK
with phenomenal results. Responses to the event have been quoted as
"Enjoyable, relaxing, intriguing and fun."

SPARK is an independent contractor.
The Romance Game

The Romance Game is an event with a collection of clues which lead to
appointed destinations. The object of this game is to provide an evening of
romance intrigue and mystery for the proposed client. The typical romance
game evening ranges from $250 to thousand's of dollars depending on the
elegance or extravagance of the client's taste.

The Romance Game begins with the delivery of a set of instructions designed
to tell the intended participant where to begin.  Throughout the evening clues
will be placed in interesting delivery situations to either be located by the
individual or be delivered in person. At each stage of clue delivering the
participant will be required to answer questions provided in the clue and will
not be allowed assistance from outside personnel, participants, and or the staff
of clue destinations.  The idea is to create an evening of spontaneity,
relaxation by building the ultimate indulgence. The purpose of the game is to
pamper the participant.

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